Dances of Universal Peace

Through Music and Dance, Peace Within and Without

Samuel L. Lewis Samuel L. Lewis

"Now, with all the fun we're having, I'm trying to teach sprituality. I can forgive you if you don't agree with me on anything, but if, when we do the dancing, you don't take it as spiritual, the whole thing falls down.

"We're making no attempt to make dancers out of you, but as you elevate in your own personality, you begin to find it's easier for you to dance and to do things you couldn't do before - even when you tried. Something happens inside the person."...

"So, the first thing I ask you to do is don't believe me. Believe you own being; believe your own experience when you get up and walk and chant and dance."
           -Samuel L. Lewis, the initiator of the Dances of Universal Peace, 1970

Dances of Universal Peace

Thru Music