Nothing Doing
  by Rev. SierraLynne White, MFT

"To be or not to be" - is that the question?  Or, is it "To do or not to do"?  In our fast paced frantic culture, we are a 'doing' driven people.  We strive to get ahead, make our mark, work hard for the consumables that advertising tells us are signs of worldly success.  I've seen so many clients, friends and even family members who cannot enjoy a simple meal with their loved ones because they are so busy.  How sad it is when we cannot enjoy warm genuine conversations because we are too pre-occupied with some project, worry or plan.  We cannot be present or available for those we love when we do not know how to be present and available for our own selves.  To become present and available for ourselves requires that we STOP our driven busyness.  Forget the lists.  Let go of the planning.  Resist the temptation to continually review and judge our behavior, others' behavior and what has happened in the past.  We can learn to accept that we are OK without over-expending our life energy striving to Analyze, Accomplish and Do so much.   

The antidote for perfectionistic, over-achieving, or anxiety-based living is simply this:  Do Nothing.  Consider Doing Nothing as a primary, high priority, 'must do' item for the next 2 weeks.  I challenge you, dear reader, to accept this Rx and try it for just 5 minutes a day.  Just sit and do nothing.  Of course, you will be breathing, and I want you to enjoy that breath and get lost in the wonder of it.  Breath is the bridge to the Source of our well-being.  This seemingly simple act of Doing Nothing but enjoying our life breath lets us know that we are enough without achievements and accomplishments.  We can learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are.  In those 5 minutes of breathing, we can realize that simply Being is enough.  We might even begin to feel thankfulness arise in us.  We might take these moments to have gratitude for this breath of life that we are now taking time to appreciate.  The world will not fall apart if we cease trying to control it.  Our life will not fall apart if we stop relentlessly driving it.  Just breathing and Being.  Just silence.  Just stillness.  So simple, yet profound.  Doing nothing is the beginning of knowing Divine Presence and Love.  As you practice emptying into nothingness for 5 minutes a day, you begin to allow indwelling Spirit to ease tension, relieve fear, comfort wounds and heal your soul.  This is a giant step toward health, wholeness and fulfillment in life.  I hope you will take good care of yourself in this way, and I invite you to call and let me know how it is going for you.  To BE and not to DO - that is the answer!

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